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Nina Roberts

উপনাম: Sophie A., Gina Roberts, Cil, Magalie

দেশ: France

জন্ম: 1979-04-29

চোখ: Brown

চুল: Brown

উচ্চতা: 165 cm

ওজন: 50 kg

স্তন: Fake

ভিউ: 785

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Her first book, J'assume, was published in 2004 by éditions Scali. It told her story in the adult industry, and Virginie Despentes wrote the book's preface.

In 2007 Roberts published Grosse Vache (Scali), a brutal portrait of a young women fighting bulimia, anorexia, drugs (cocaine and speed) and finding love, a novel in the form of a diary. She worked on a film adaptation of Grosse Vache in collaboration with Evan Manifatori.

Her performance in Casino won her the Ninfa award for Best Actress at the 2008 Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival

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